Make papyrus like the ancient Egyptians did! This is a fun activity for everyone in the classroom. Students can add their personal touch with whatever painting or drawing they choose to make on their handmade paper.  The papyrus plant is harder to come by these days, but you can get an idea of the process they used with paper from a brown paper bag and some glue. Then you can use paints or crayons to create a design on your handmade paper.


Free Resource

Download a free printable resource (PDF), including information, photos and a reading response worksheet about papyrus in Ancient Egypt.

Papyrus Making Instructions

Supplies Needed:

Brown paper bag
White glue
Wax paper
Stir Stick

Step One

Rip a brown paper bag into one inch wide strips of equal length.

Step Two

In a bowl make a mixture of half glue and half water. (To make one sheet of papyrus you only need about 1/4 cup of each.)

Step Three

Dip the brown paper strips in the glue mixture and remove excess glue.

Step Four

Lay the strips side by side on the wax paper, overlapping them slightly

Step Five

Apply another layer of strips at a right angle to the first layer. Let dry overnight.

Step Six

Decorate your creation with paints or crayons.