Goodies for teachers that don’t cost you a cent! (Or a pence)

Papyrus Boom Cards

This FREE set of 21 digital task cards will teach students about the papyrus plant in Ancient Egypt. There are reading passages as well as true or false, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice and matching activities.

Click here to try a playable preview.


    Who Were the Vikings?

    This PDF introduces the Vikings as Scandinavians, explorers, warriors and farmers, as an introduction to the Vikings lesson and activity bundle. There is a Cryptic Wordsearch (fill in the blanks and find the answers in the wordsearch) and a standard wordsearch activity.


    • Information Page
    • Cryptic Wordsearch
    • Wordsearch

    Romulus & Remus

    One of the most famous Roman myths, is the tale of Romulus and Remus. This story is unique in Roman mythology because it is an original Roman myth, rather than a legend borrowed from the Greeks or another culture. In this lesson, students learn about the legend of Romulus and Remus and the founding of Rome. The PDF includes information handouts, a vocabulary exercise and differentiated reading response worksheets.

    10 Pages (including 4 answer sheets)


    • 2-page Reading Handout
    • Antonym or Synonym Worksheet
    • Differentiated Reading Response (Comprehension Questions / Multiple Choices / True or False)
    • Answer Sheets

    Food Diary

    We created this diary for a health and well-being topic. Filling out the diary every day helped students be more mindful of what they were eating and compare their diet to national health guidelines.


    Printing Tips
    • Print (or copy) pages double-sided
    • Fold in half to make booklet

    Maths poster

    A classroom poster that brightens the room and provides a helpful multiplication tables reference for student.


    • Printable A4 Poster