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Ancient Egypt

Explore the fascinating world of ancient Egypt with original photos, illustrations and activities.


Journey through the Viking age with this set of colourfully illustrated resources and activities.

Ancient Greece

Teach your students about the many ideas from Ancient Greece that still influence us today.

Ancient Romans

Find out how the Romans built an empire and what their legacy is today.

New Resources

Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great was a Macedonian king who united the Greeks and defeated the Persians, creating an empire that stretched across the known world. 

Ancient Greek Philosophers

Ancient Greek philosophers introduced a new way of thinking to the ancient world. Instead of explaining the world through mythology, philosophy was about exploring ideas using logic and reason, inspiring a new way of thinking about big questions. 

Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was one of the most famous leaders of history. He was a brilliant military leader and brutal opponent to his enemies. Caesar only ruled Rome for a short time, but his political career changed the way Rome was governed. 

Ancient Greek Gods

Teach your students about fifteen of the main Greek gods and goddesses with illustrated listings.

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