Ancient Egyptians had over 2000 gods and goddesses. Some were local to a city or an area and some were known across Egypt. Many gods and goddesses had the head of animal and body of human. Over time, ancient Egyptian gods changed roles and forms, sometimes even merging with other gods.

This lesson explores fourteen of the main ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Activities include a matching activity where students match the name of the god to the description or illustration, a fact file where students fill in information about their favourite god or goddess, a true or false worksheet and a colour puzzle where students have to correctly answer questions to find the colours to use for the image. Suitable for KS2.

Pages: 10 (including 3 answer sheets)


  • 3 Information Handouts
  • Find The Match Activity
  • Egyptian God Fact File Activity
  • True or False Worksheet
  • Colour Puzzle Activity
  • 3 Answer Sheets


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